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Dr. Nick Gorkavyi

      Dr. Nick Gorkavyi, Principal Scientist and Director of GIST, is responsible for many projects in areas of LIDAR technologies, robotics and basic sciences. Nick Gorkavyi holds a Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics from the Moscow University (1991), a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics from the Institute of Astronomy (1986), and M.S. in Theoretical Physics from Chelyabinsk State University (1981). Nick Gorkavyi has authored a monograph, which have been published in Russian (1994) and English (1999) editions, and roughly 80 technical papers. Main awards:
1989 Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR with gold medal.
1992 Grant of the American Astronomical Society.
1993-1995 Two awards of the International Science Foundation.
1993-1998 Two grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.
1998-2000 Award of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, US.

Asteroid Goríkavyj number 4654 is named in honor of Dr. Gorkavyi.

Dear Friends!

The Greenwich Institute is a unique research institution with a great future. Why Iím so optimistic?

First, the GIST has an excellent team of scientists with broad experience in basic and applied sciences, including physics and mathematics, computer sciences and numerical simulations, LIDAR technologies and GIS. We are specialists for fast and non-expensive solutions of difficult scientific and technological problems. Our basic science background helps us in effective solutions of applied problems. Our practical experience helps us to solve important problems of basic sciences.

Second, the Greenwich Institute has a set of novel technologies, for example:
- algorithms for automated feature extraction and processing LIDAR data and imagery;
- advanced mathematical models for terrains and synthetic environment;
- novel designs for Universal and Personal Robots, that can start new industry very soon.
New advanced technologies are underway due to our investments in perspective directions of basic and applied sciences, like robotic navigation, cognitive software and bio-evolution of artificial life. Many of our innovative projects have great potential to attract investors.

Third, and may be, the most important reason for my optimism is our good relationships with our customers and partners. We work together on many challenging projects and our customers know of the solid reputation, professional honor and high responsibility of our scientists. 100% of our contracts signed this 2004 year were repeat business.
Board of Business Advisers and Science Board of the Greenwich Institute are important supporters of our institute, which help us developing new business and focused on most perspective scientific and technological problems.

There are solid reasons for my optimism. Are you with me?

Dr. Nick Gorkavyi
Tel: (703) 754-7263

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