Greenwich Institute for Science and Technology

Our History:

      Our history started 25 years ago as a history of a team of scientists in area of physics, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of dynamical systems.

1981-1985  First projects of our team: "Planetary Rings" and "Einstein theory, Singularity and Big Bang" on base of advanced mathematical analytical research.

1986-1990  Extension of the team and initiation of new projects by using computer simulations ("Numerical Simulation of Celestial Dynamical Systems") and statistical analyses ("Earthquakes and Earth Science"). First engineering project "Mathematical Analyses of Mechanical Stability".

1991-1994  Two new projects: "Computational Fluid Dynamics and Supersonic Jet Noise" and "The Origin of the Moon and Satellites".

1995-2000  Collaboration of our team and scientists from the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA) for two important projects: "Zodiacal Cloud" and "Exo-Solar Planets". Small company Computational Consulting Service (MD) or CCS was created in April 1999 for support of these projects. Also first step was done in project "Cognitive Software, Artificial Life and Bio-Evolution".

2000-2003  Collaboration between our team, CCS and Schafer Corporation. Initiation of a set of new projects in area of LIDAR Technologies, Automated Feature Extraction and 3D Modeling.

April 2003  Greenwich Institute for Science and Technology was founded by our team. The certificate of organization of Greenwich Institute for Science and Technology, LLC was issued by State Corporation Commission of Commonwealth of Virginia (Richmond) in April 22, 2003. Also in April 22, 2003 CCS was reorganized as Computational Consulting Services, Virginia-based Limited Liability Company. CCS currently focused on processing of LIDAR data within FEMA standards.

From April 2003, GIST and CCS performed several important projects for General Dynamics and Army, Dewberry and FEMA, Spatial Systems Associates and MD Government, Schafer Corporation, Airborne-1 and other companies and agencies in areas of Modeling and Simulation, LIDAR Technologies, including High-resolution Terrain and Vegetation Models, Synthetic Environment Technologies etc.

Our Name and Geography:

      The Greenwich Institute takes his name from Greenwich - small old town in North Virginia within few miles from GIST office. Other important reason for choice of this name was that "the Royal Greenwich Observatory, the most famous observatory in the world, was closed by the British government on 31October1998. This appalling act of scientific and cultural vandalism marked the end of the Observatory's 323-year role ..." (David Harper, "In Memoriam: The Royal Greenwich Observatory, 1675-1998"). Astronomy and space sciences always was important area of interest for our team and we are very sorry about closing of the Greenwich Observatory. We are named our institute in honor and in memory of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.


      The Greenwich Institute for Science and Technology is close (~40 mi) to Washington, DC. North Virginia and District of Columbia is a place for many Government offices, numerous high-tech companies and our most important partners. From other side, the area of the Bull Run Mountain is a heavy forest populated by white tale deer and black bear.

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